Ergonomic risk assessment service
Creating the right work environment and work process for employees is extremely important for ensuring their well-being. If the work activities are well-planned and meet legal requirements, they impose easier tasks on employees, which also helps to avoid work-related illnesses, prolong working years and reduce fluctuations.


In the phase of technical planning, our ergonomics specialists are offering counselling, collaborative works, and virtual validation and verification tests.

During the tests, it is checked without prototype production in a virtual space whether the product/component meets the requirements. Upon request after implementation impact analysis and measurements are carried out.

workplace measurement

After a measure-up, workplaces of high-risk values need to be examined in detail.

Our ergonomics specialists analyze the motions captured with analyzes built into the system, they can filter improper movements and forced postures that cannot be noticed with a visual inspection.

The body structure, sex, age, and origin of the character can be changed, hence, the working environment can be tested for workers with all kinds of features.
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support and mentoring

To get the most out of your system, you need to know every detail of the software and hardware. We offer theoretical and practical training for our users where they can learn how to use the Xsens Motion Capture system and ViveLab Ergo software.

Our staff is available after completion of the system training as well, should any question emerge about the usage, operation of the ViveLab Ergo software.

Service examples

With our new service packages you can start your ergonomic assessment project right away without hiring an expert to your company. 

Our specialists have more than 20 years of experience in the field of workplace ergonomics.
Choose us and make your company a better place.
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